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Metal Candlesticks. History, Styles and Techniques.


Metal Candlesticks. History, Styles and Techniques.


Baur, Veronika:


1996, (22,8 x 30,5 cm), 184 pp. English text, 385 ills., hardcover


This beautifully illustrated book documents the progression of metal candlesticks and chandeliers from Roman times through the centuries to the present. From the beginnings of candles to the variety of metals used to make their holders, the discussions in this book are informative and clearly explained. The hundreds of illustrations display a surprising variety of specialized candlestick types from European sources of many cultures. Candlesticks can be seen as a common link among the diversity of peoples as they all provide light and reflect artistic preferences. Common as they are, candlesticks actually have a fascinating and rich cultural heritage. This book celebrates the forms.


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